Teaching with the Archive: Feminist Abolition

Teaching with the archive: feminist abolition

Co-sponsors: Center for Engaged Pedagogy

Dec 7th at 6pm, Barnard College Milstein Center. Learn more >

Come and learn about community care and abolition while using the Coalition for Women Prisoners Collection. Join us for an archive and art workshop that considers grounding our resistance to police and prisons through history and art. Turn copies of archival materials from collections into collage art and poetry.

About the Facilitator

Malkia Okech is a Philadelphia-based researcher, cultural producer, and community archaeologist. Malkia Okech is a Leeway x IPMF Media Artist + Activist Resident at Paul Robeson House & Museum working to digitize their archives and collections while also developing and producing new media work which ponders collective community museum processes. They most recently conducted Philadelphia Abolitionist research with Chronicling Resistance as an Activist-Curator Fellow.  They are interested in the cross sections of multimodal archaeology, art, technology, cultural heritage, anticapitalism, and liberation.