The Implementation and Research on a School-wide Mindfulness Program in a Bronx School

Mindfulness programs for children have grown dramatically, but research on their impact has been limited to self-report or observations of behavior rather than biologically-based measures. Now a pilot study by an interdisciplinary team of researchers at TC is using brain imaging and biomarkers of stress found in saliva, together with parents’ reports, to identify differences in attention, executive function, impulse control and stress in children as young as five, some of whom are engaged in a mindfulness program at school. The session will start with a short film, Aliza and the Mind Jar, showing and describing the mindfulness program at Girls Prep Bronx. The panelists will describe the unique partnership that served as the basis for the research project currently underway at TC, share preliminary data and discuss future directions.


Trey Avery (M.S. ’12), Lab Manager, Neurocognition of Language Lab & Doctoral Candidate, TC

Karen Froud, Associate Professor of Speech & Language Pathology,
Biobehavioral Sciences, TC

Kelli Love, Full-time Mindfulness Teacher, Girls Prep Bronx Elementary

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