The Protest Literature of Mizrahi Writers

With Dr. Beverly Bailis, Adjunct Associate Professor of Jewish Literature

We will discuss protest literature written by different generations of Mizrahi writers and examine how these literary works give voice to these writers’ experience in Israeli society, from the Great Immigration in the 1950s to today. In particular, we will consider how the stories these writers tell engage with the past and traditional Jewish texts, while also looking transnationally to the stories of other cultures and communities, including Palestinians and African Americans, to articulate the complexity of Mizrahi identity in the current historical moment. Writers under discussion will include Ronny Someck, Almog Behar, and Adi Keissar.

Stories and Storytelling

Join JTS scholars to explore a selection of stories drawn from ancient, rabbinic, medieval, and modern Jewish literature. We will consider the power of shared stories and how they transmit values, norms, culture, and information, bringing Jews together across time and space.