2012 School for Children Alumni Panel: Bank Street and Beyond

On February 16. a lively, thoughtful, and often moving Alumni Panel discussion was provided by 17 School for Children (SFC) alums, from classes ranging from ’79 to ’11, before an audience of current and prospective parents, faculty and staff, panelists’ parents (and some panelists’ children), SFC students, and other SFC alums. A half dozen alums were from ’58 and ’59, some of whom flew in from Washington DC and Michigan. Alexis S. Wright, Dean of Children’s Programs, asked the panelists questions about how Bank Street prepared them for their future education and their professional experiences; and how the school’s emphasis on diversity, social justice, community engagement, and acquiring a wider world view influenced their lives.   Here are some of the responses: Learning to Love Learning One alumna said Bank Street gave her the desire to learn, explore, and always to follow her interests. So while she works in investment banking, she happily continues with her passion for art.   Learning to appreciate the value of learning was the most important thing to another alumna. Raised by a single mother from Haiti, learning and books were not a large part of her family background. At Bank Street, all that changed. She is now getting her masters in the Graduate School, and is an SFC 7/8s assistant teacher. A teacher said that Bank Street gave everyone the ability to question, the desire to learn more, and a great curiosity about other people.

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