2012 Upper School Science Expo

On March 8, the Upper School (grades 5-8) held its annual Science Expo. The lobby, auditorium, and CDR were filled with a great variety of science projects and experiments. There were experiments such as:

How can we measure the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid?
How does the angle of launch affect how far a marble is launched?
Is there a way to quantify the amount of energy contained within a unit of food?
Which roofing material absorbs and retains the most heat?

For 6 weeks during the winter, students worked on their projects, which are independent investigations into questions related to their class’s curriculum topic. This work is done in small groups and involves a number of steps: coming up with a question; designing and refining an experiment to answer a question; collecting data; analyzing data; drawing conclusions based on this analysis; and presenting these findings at Science Expo. This is what science is all about for us at Bank Street. The learning happens during the unfolding of the process, and Expo is all about the process.

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