2013 Presidential Search Committee

Dear Bank Street Community,
We are pleased to present the following membership roster for the 2013 Presidential Search Committee and want to thank each member in advance for agreeing to participate in this important effort.
Trustees: Yolanda Ferrell-Brown, Chair Elect, Tony Asnes (SFC Alum), Chair of the Board of Trustees, Jonathan Cole, Sarah Gund (GSE Alum), Sue Kaplan, Joel Moser, Elizabeth Pforzheimer, Sandra Pinnavaia, Anne Shutkin (SFC Alum), and Lynn Straus (GSE Alum).
Staff/Faculty: Matt Borgmeyer (SFC), Virginia Casper (GSE), Jim Clay (BSCAA/GSE Alum), Jeannie Crowley (IT), Kristin Freda (Office of the Dean of the College/Library), and Carla Scheele (DERO).
The committee will convene later this summer and listening tours with various constituent groups will commence in September and October. Periodic updates will be posted on the Bank Street website in an effort to keep the Community apprised of the committee’s progress. However, please bear with us as there will be periods when the committee’s work will require discretion and confidentiality and we will have to balance that against our desire to share information.
As always, should you have questions, concerns, or feedback for us regarding the search process, please contact Akilah Rosado-McQueen directly.
Thank you.
Yolanda Ferrell-Brown, Chair-elect
Tony Asnes, Chair

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