8/9s in the Steps of César Chavez

Bearing posters proclaiming “Yes We Can” and “Sí Se Puede,” on March 4, the 8/9s (third graders) joined the Upper School assembly to recognize and celebrate the work of César Chavez. The 8/9s spent several weeks learning about César Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Fred Ross and The United Farm Workers. They learned the story of Luis Valdez, who was born to a family of migrant workers, faced great adversity, persevered and became an award winning American playwright, the founder of El Teatro Campesino and a great supporter of La Causa and the Chicano Movement.
At the end of the assembly, the 8/9s raised high their posters and reenacted the 350-mile walk to Sacramento led by Chavez in March 1966. The 8/9s’ symbolic walk took them from the assembly to their classrooms, while singing De Colores, to honor and support the great work of César Chavez.
Spanish teacher Alison Draizin asked teachers, students and parents at the assembly to think about supporting the César Chavez Foundation and The United Farm Workers by signing a petition asking President Obama to make March 31 a National Day of Service. To find out more, visit www.takepart.com/chavez.  The goal is to have 25,000 signatures by March 31, César Chavez Day.

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