9+ Spots to Explore History in Upper Manhattan That You Should Know

Morris jumel mansion washington heights nyc

Step into an even older era of New York’s history in Inwood Hill Park. Before the arrival of Dutch and English colonists, the island of Manahatta was inhabited by the Lenape people, and the pre-colonial history of the island is clearly visible in Inwood Hill Park. A trek through the huge trees and boulders feels like a step into the time before the area was urbanized. While Inwood Hill Park was never developed after the arrival of Europeans, it was inhabited by the Lenape, and evidence of their lives continues to be discovered throughout the park.

Take a walk past the caves that the Lenape used for shelter prior to their displacement, visit the alleged site of the unlawful transfer of the island to Peter Minuit from the Lenape, find the location of a Revolutionary War fort, visit Manhattan’s last remaining salt marsh, and, if you’re lucky, glimpse a bald eagle.

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