Assemblyman Walter Mosley visits Liberty LEADS

Memories of Sakura Park Global Festival

Assemblyman Walter Mosely with Liberty LEADS students.

Liberty LEADS was honored to have Assemblyman Walter Mosley, representative of the 57th district of New York, visit our program on December 10th, 2013. Mosley is a champion of issues such as education, immigration, and non-discriminatory policies—issues our students and their families face every day.
Assemblyman Mosley talked to students about school, the types of after-school activities they enjoyed the most, college access, and their plans for the future.
Students benefited from the Assemblyman’s visit by learning about roles in government, a field that many of of them may participate in one day. As one student said, “This was a great experience to meet a politician and get a taste of what I can do as an adult.”

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