Autism Spectrum Annotation Program Presents at National Conferences

    Marcia Singer and Olga Romero

Spring 2012 has been a very active time for the Autism Spectrum Annotation Program. Olga Romero and Marcia Singer first presented at the Council for Exceptional Children 2012 Convention and Expo held in Denver, Colorado on April 14, 2012. The topic presented was Autism Spectrum Disorder: From the Child’s Perspective. The training focused on the impact of ASD on individual student learning and behavior, rather than on what the literature identifies as typical functioning.
The presenters were able to show evidence of this alternate approach and the resultant impact of the training on teacher development. On May 2, 2012, Marcia also presented at The YAI Network Conference on Development and Learning Disabilities in NYC. Her paper highlighted the change of practice in the field of autism and how her students now demonstrate upon completion of the autism spectrum annotation. Specific course goals, samples of the projects the candidates worked on, and media from the hands-on field based practicum showed concrete samples of the annotation curriculum and its impact on changing professional practice.

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