Bank Street Archives To Document Lillian Weber Papers

The Bank Street College Archives has recently received a New York State Archives Documentary Heritage Program (DHP) grant to arrange and describe the papers of three educators who, in addition to their significance to the institution, were each nationally important contributors in their areas of expertise. 
The collections covered by the grant include the papers of faculty member and Learning Lab founder Selma Sapir; faculty member/alumna Elaine Wickens, whose collection of slides and photographs documents the history of events at Bank Street and projects beyond its walls over a period of more than 40 years; and alumna Lillian Weber (pictured right), the founder of the Open Education movement and City College’s Workshop Center. 
The grant provides funding for supplies to house the collections, and an intern to assist College Archivist Lindsey Wyckoff with the project. Says Wyckoff:

I’m looking forward to processing these papers and making them available to researchers around the world. We’ve had so many projects in the past that were well known, and part of what makes our archival collection so rich is the documentation of these projects.Researchers are very interested in what we used to do here at Bank Street and often this draws them in to learn more about what we are doing now. 

Wyckoff is especially eager to get started on the papers of Lillian Weber, which had been housed at Teachers College Special Collections until its closure several years ago. The Weber papers have piqued the interest of researchers since their donation to Bank Street by Weber’s

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