Bank Street College Honored by 1199 Future of America Learning Center

On Monday, July 15, 2013, the 1199 Future of America Learning Center celebrated its 20th year with an awards ceremony and musical performance given by the Children’s Musical Ensemble at the Lehman College Music Theater in the Bronx. Included in the list of honorees, was Bank Street College, in acknowledgment of the long-standing support that has been provided through the Bank Street College Continuing Professional Studies Early Care and Education Programs.
The event provided a special time for the Center to reflect on its positive impact and to thank those who have contributed to its success. For the past 20 years, the Center’s staff has provided care and early childhood education for young children and managed a parent engagement program for the surrounding community. 
Arlene Uss, in her role as Director Early Care and Education Programs, accepted the Recognition and Appreciation Award for Bank Street College. As expressed by Erica Vincenty on behalf of the Selection Committee:
Bank Street College has created an impact in the lives of our children, our families, our staff and the community that we serve.
Erica went on to thank Bank Street for “continuing to enable our Center to give families access to a top-notch early education and to sustain the beacon of excellence through Child Development Associate (CDA) and mentor training and support.” 
The educational philosophy of the 1199 Future of America Learning Center is based upon the belief in safe, responsive and educationally stimulating environments which best serve the child care needs of members and their children; and racial,

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