Bank Street Students Exchange Letters with Students in Ghana

At a recent School for Children Middle School (grades 1-4) Assembly, Stacey Cloud, 7/8s (2nd grade) Teacher, presented her ongoing work with a primary school (grades 1-4) in Navrongo, Ghana. Stacey taught for two years at the demonstration school, which is part of a teacher training college much like Bank Street, and she returns every summer to help teach. Last summer she asked the children there to write letters to Bank Street Middle School students to initiate a connection between the two schools. In addition, Stacey took photos of the children and asked them to draw pictures of things that are important to them. Now SFC Middle School students will do the same–they are working on writing letters and drawing pictures, which will be sent to Ghana in January. This project is an excellent opportunity for Bank Street students to learn about other students’ lives in another culture firsthand and to establish new international friendships.

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