Bank Street’s New eBook For Parents And Educators

In Spring 2010, President Elizabeth Dickey announced the annual Innova Grant—a program designed to spur innovation and encourage new initiatives from the College faculty. Each year, winning proposals receive start-up funds for their projects.
One of 2011’s winning proposals, a collaboration from Lisa Von Drasek (Bank Street’s Children’s Librarian) and Jeannie Crowley (Manager of Digital Media and Learning), was to create a low-cost, widely accessible recommended reading list for students, alumni, teachers, and parents—one of the most requested resources at the Bank Street Library.
That project has now manifested in the form of a new eBook, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for their respective eReaders. The following is from the eBook project’s managers.
‘The Best Books to Read Aloud’ Goes Digital
When we applied for an Innova Grant for this project, we were interested in the use of eBooks to disseminate the rich intellectual contributions of Bank Street and to revitalize our publishing program. We proposed a pilot publishing program to evaluate whether it was economically and logistically feasible for Bank Street College to publish eBooks through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores.
We selected The Best Books to Read Aloud for the pilot because it was easily transferable into eBook format. Although it has been out of print since 2003 and was woefully out of date, it is one of the most requested Bank Street publications by internal and external community members. Although Bank Street’s Children’s Book Committee (CBC) had long wanted to update it, the printing costs were prohibitive.
The Innova

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