Best Of The Alumni Blog In 2011

With 2011 quickly coming to a close, it’s time we look back at the events and experiences that shaped the lives of our fellow Bank Streeters. What have our students and alumni been up to? Here is a sampling of the many wonderful posts featured on the Alumni Blog in 2011. 
Make Teacher Peer Evaluation Happen — Harlem Link Charter School Co-Director Steven Evangelista (’01) kicked off 2011 with a resolution for the tricky and contentious topic of teacher evaluations. His idea? “Forget the fuss. Let’s put in the hard work required to involve teachers in evaluating each other.”
Susan Ochshorn (’99), founder and principal of ECE PolicyWorks, continued the discussion in Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Getting It Right. Also published on HuffPo Education, Ochshorn acknowledges several fellow Bank Streeters in her post:

But early childhood practitioners can’t put their heads in the sandbox. As Julie Diamond, Fretta Reitzes and Betsy Grob make clear in their contribution to The Right to Learn: Preparing Early Childhood Teachers to Work in High-Need Schools, they must be test-savvy and conversant with the language of standards and accountability; they should be well educated in the methods of observation and assessment; they need to have a rich understanding of curriculum and instructional strategies; and, most important, they must be ready and able to defend their practice, by consistent documentation of children’s active learning.

Wisconsin — One of the biggest stories in 2011 was the teachers union protests in Wisconsin. In this post, 1st grade teacher Mai Jacobs’ (’87) shares

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