Card Sales Explode at the Bookstore

Sales of greeting cards are up 80% over last year at this time, says Bank Street Bookstore manager Andy Laties. Laties attributes the boom to an effort the Bookstore began last August to improve the uniqueness and quality of its card selection.
In addition to adding imported English die-cut designs and a wider range of original designs by local artists, the Bookstore now has its own custom imprint of vintage storybook and classic children’s book art cards.
Due to shifts in the gift card business, says Laties, in the last year or so most vendors have stopped carrying children’s storybook art cards, a category that has sold well in Laties’ stores in the past. But with the help of designers at R. L. Migdal Creative Multimedia and Publishing, the Bookstore has been able to successfully test out a customized line of storybook greeting and gift enclosure cards.
Altogether the shop has added over 200 new designs to its card racks, and shoppers are responding with interest and excitement. Available for the Holiday Season are an extensive range of Christmas and Hanukkah greetings, New York themed holiday cards, die-cut gift tags and enclosures, and attractive hand-printed artist cards. 
Laties and the Bookstore crew encourage patrons to “come by and take a look!”

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