COS-Sponsored Panel Discusses International Education

On the afternoon of Wednesday, December 14, nearly two dozen Bank Street Graduate Students sat down with faculty members Virginia Casper (left) and Roberta Altman (right) to glean insight into their personal perspectives on the importance of international education today.
International Experiences, Invaluable Insights
Council of Students Representative Emily Soong (center) moderated the panel, and her own experiences studying abroad informed her contributions. Last summer, a collaboration with Casper and others took her to Mangaung Township in the Free State Province of South Africa, where she helped to pilot a new assessment tool that measures quality in early childhood care facilities operating in conditions very different from those in much of the U.S. 
In their remarks, Altman and Casper shared tales of their many years of work abroad. For Altman, it was a Peace Corp stint in rural India that first ignited her interest in International Education. Today she continues work there with various professional development projects and a Liberty LEADS artwork exchange. Casper brought to the panel her fifteen years’ experience in South Africa, where she worked with the Developing Families Project and in local communities.
Both agreed that their time abroad was a transformational experience, professionally as well as personally. “It was the most challenging and rewarding time of my career,” said Casper, who wrote of it in Bank Street’s Occasional Papers Series #9, Letters from Abroad.
Before breaking into an informal Q&A session, Altman and Casper shared invaluable tips, resources, and bibliographies with the students (PDF).
The event was an opportunity for students

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