Creating a Mural in the School for Children

Submitted by a 10/11s (5th grade) student:
This fall, the 10/11s painted a mural in the stairwell. The mural compares food, celebrations, transportation, and education in China to those parts of culture in New York City. We did this so people were able to see the similarities and the differences between culture in NYC and China. The 10/11s had a really good time doing this and they will remember it forever.
My group created the NYC celebrations mural and we painted Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Every group was different, but my group had a very easy time compromising. The four of us really listened to each other and realized that we all wanted the same thing. The other side of the celebrations mural decided to do Chinese New Year. That way people could compare the two celebrations and the two cultures. Making the actual mural was difficult, though. We had to figure out where everything would go and how we could incorporate everyone’s ideas while still making the mural look good. I think that everyone is pleased with the final piece.
I think that the 10/11s really enjoyed knowing that their artwork will be on the wall for many years. It’s really awesome to think about all the people who will be walking by and seeing the mural. It was a really nice bonding experience and I will never forget it. I have always thought of Bank Street as a family and this just confirmed it. I definitely think that the

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