Dr. Ablon's Revolutionary Approach to Helping Children with Behavioral Challenges

Dr. J. Stuart Ablon from Think:Kids with Janine Francolini of the Flawless Foundation

Photo: Cheryl Simon

Consider this scenario:

Teacher: How many times have I told you that you can’t be late to class? You are close to failing this class. I know you are smart, but you have to wake up in the morning and get here on time. You can’t waltz in the door 10 minutes before the period ends and expect to receive a passing grade.
Student: I don’t care about this stupid class anyway.
Teacher: Don’t talk back to me or I’ll send you to the principal’s office.
Student: So, what? I learn more there than I do here, anyway.
Teacher: Fine, then get your things and go.

As an educator or parent, you might look at that exchange and think, “I would never talk to a child that way.” But in moments of frustration, most people’s reactions might not be too different.
Dr. J. Stuart Ablon, a psychologist at Think:Kids who specializes in treating children with behavioral challenges, believes adults can learn a more effective approach.
On August 7 – 9, Dr. Ablon elaborated on his approach at Bank Street College in a training program attended by 140 educators, parents, and clinicians. The event was co-hosted by Bank Street’s Continuing Professional Studies and the Flawless Foundation—an organization that promotes awareness, support, and treatment for children with behavioral challenges.
Earlier in her career, Janine Francolini—who founded the Flawless Foundation—took graduate courses at Bank Street and worked at the College’s Family Center and School for Children. For her, hosting Dr. Ablon’s training

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