Educating Boys

Journalist Peg Tyre has researched and written extensively about boys in magazine articles and in her book, “The Trouble with Boys: A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School and What Educators Must Do.” She recently spoke to parents and teachers at Bank Street School. Recognizing that Bank Street School teachers really understand how boys learn, Ms. Tyre went into depth about how schools in general, are underserving boys, “Many more boys than girls get expelled from preschool. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with learning issues. High school boys have all but withdrawn from activities other than sports. More girls than boys go to college.”
What educators do at Bank Street does work for boys, and girls too. Children have active imaginations. Classroom project work reflects this. Neatness doesn’t necessarily count as much as content and thought. Overall mastery of a subject is the goal and not just doing well on individual homework assignments. Encouraging children to be passionate about reading works better if they read a book of their choice. Not surprisingly, recess is a critical factor in a student’s performance. Children need to run around and/or need time to reflect.
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