Effects of Motivation on Math Achievement

Matthew G. Mandelbaum, BSC Childhood General/Special Education ’07, is currently a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology at Fordham University where he has been researching the effects of motivation on math achievement. In his poster presentation at the 23rd Annual Association for Psychological Science Convention in Washington, D.C., Mandelbaum showed that wanting to “grow your knowledge” and develop mastery was more important than wanting to “show your knowledge” and focus on performance when it came to math achievement among high school girls. Click here for more information.
Mandelbaum’s enthusiasm for math education led him to co-develop a multi-sensory, elementary arithmetic learning program with his wife, Jamie Cohen, BSC Gen Ed ’01, Spec. Ed ’06, called Jumping Joey’s Number Line.
He will be presenting his most current research on the role of motivation and problem solving style among teachers at the 24th Annual APS Convention in Chicago on May 24, 2012.

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