Elizabeth Dickey Appointed To Second Term

On January 9, Bankstreet Board of Trustees Chair Anthony Asnes announced to the Bankstreet community that the board had voted unanimously to offer Elizabeth Dickey an appointment to a second term as president of the College. The announcement, recognizing the president’s service to Bankstreet, followed an extensive review process that included conversations with over thirty members of the College community, including faculty, staff, alumni, and parents.
The First Term: Digging In
Asnes noted that, since her appointment as Bankstreet’s sixth president in 2008, President Dickey has taken a focused, hands-on approach to tackling any initiative that helps to advocate for the College and the people who work and learn here. He said:

The trustees have been deeply impressed by Elizabeth’s skillful and focused approach to articulating the strategic priorities of the College and to addressing the key challenges we face as we seek to sustain Bankstreet’s mission and financial stability. We are grateful that she has sought successfully to engage trustees in analyzing and finding solutions to a range of important issues, and that she has pursued initiatives with determination and sensitivity.

President Dickey’s first term was marked by a determination to showcase Bankstreet’s innovative offerings and distinctive character to the broader world. She fostered a Government Relations program that has already shown great reach into local, state, and national politics, and created the position of Dean of the College to promote research and policy work. She also shepherded the development and launch of a sophisticated website and a distinctive brand identity that evokes

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