Evaluating the Evaluators – Defining and Measuring Teacher and Principal Quality

Memories of Sakura Park Global Festival

On February 20th, the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, New York University, hosted the conference Evaluating The Evaluators, Defining and Measuring Teacher and Principal Quality. 
Among other prestigious panelists, Bank Street College faculty, Terry Orr, Director of the Future School Leader Academy program, delivered an interesting presentation entitled Value-added Assessment: The Position Statement of the American Educational Research Association. Terry spoke about a set of guidelines that she is developing with New York University professor, Gary Anderson, on the use of value-added measures of student achievement scores to evaluate teachers and principals. Terry addressed ardent questions regarding the way in which States’ rapid adoption of value-added or growth score performance measures are being done with insufficient attention to validity, reliability and use issues of aggregating student test results to differentiate teacher and principal performance.
Presentations and panel discussions led by scholars and practitioners in the field, addressed a broad range of questions related to the evaluation of teachers and leaders nowadays, such as: what are the intended and unintended consequences of current mandates for evaluating teachers and leaders, are the current mandates can be improved, who are the beneficiaries of the evaluation, are there any alternatives to current version regarding the evaluation of teachers and leaders.

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