Graduate Students Visit Adaptive Design Workshop

The Adaptive Design Association recently hosted the Bank Street’s World of the Infant class to put their knowledge about children birth-to-three and their families to work.
Candidates in Infancy Programs are learning to be professionals in the field of early care and education, early intervention, and for the Dual Degree with Hunter candidates, social workers with an expertise in birth-to-three. The class met with ADA’s founder and Executive Director Alex Truesdell, who challenged us to “Think Creatively, Plan Collaboratively, and Build Economically.” Each team worked with life-size toddler dolls and created adaptive “mock ups” using common hand tools, hot glue, and corrugated cardboard. 
With the ADA professionals, students worked on solutions for the doll personas that had been assigned a specific adaptive need.
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ADA encourages educators and everyone to imagine what might be—and to insist on providing infants and children with creative and practical solutions for any environmental barriers.  Candidates discovered that this experience (“rapid prototyping”) is the best first step in transforming good ideas into adaptive devices that can make a world of difference.

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