Harlem Night – and Days! Vintage Harlem Dance Movie Fest Copy

Friday Oct 16th at 10pm; Saturday October 17th at 5pm, Sunday October 18th at 3pm. Virtual Film Fest celebrating famed dance culture that has its roots in Harlem – and elsewhere in the U.S…..

Have you heard of Shorty George from the fames Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom? Or what about Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers from the movies and Soundies? Have you heard of the Harvest Moon Ball competition at the old Madison Square Garden – and the Jitterbug Jive? And then there is the Mama Lu Parks and her Dancers who were at the Apollo Theater and elsewhere keeping the Lindy Hop alive – and representing the Savoy Manor in the Bronx? This series will have you see documentaries along with vintage clips telling Black History of Dance. You’ll also learn what happened to some of these Dance Icons

MUST have ZOOM access! Includes dances such as The Big Apple, The Shag and The Lindy Hop! See Harlem own Masters of Harlem’s dance culture, and learn why this culture is so important to bring back to the area. Schedule subject to change. For further details contact and check the Harlem Swing Dance Society’s Facebook page (10k likes!)