Jeannie Crowley Brings Meaningful Learning Online

As online learning grows more commonplace in higher education, tech-savvy educators are moving away from justifying its viability and toward the more nuanced question of which models work best.
Jeannie Crowley, Bank Street’s Director of Digital Media and Learning, has opened a lot of eyes to the potential of online learning at the College. She led the effort to help faculty adapt to online learning environments; faculty members also regularly seek her guidance in employing social media to their students’ benefit.
As an early adopter of Course Builder—Google’s foray into online education—Jeannie now plays a direct role in helping the company develop the next generation on online learning tools. She spoke with us about her work with Google and the potential for tools like these at a place like Bank Street.
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When Google released its Course Builder platform last September, you were among the first to use it to test an open, online course. What appealed to you about the platform?

When people think of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), they often focus on the massive scale of the courses. MIT and Stanford, for example, are running courses that have tens of thousands of students enrolled.
It’s not the size of MOOCs that interests me, it’s their potential for open learning and how students can be more active participants in the learning path. In an open learning environment, the learner has the ability to

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