Job Search Tips for New Teachers

As spring approaches, Susan Levine, Bank Street’s Director of Career Services, kicks into high gear offering workshops and resources for Bank Street students priming to start or advance their careers in education.
On March 5, Career Services offers a job fair for those seeking to work in public and charter schools. And on Saturday, March 9, you can attend a half-day workshop covering interview skills, preparing teaching demos, and writing application essays for the Department of Education.
Visit Career Services to learn more and to RSVP for events.
Susan offers the following tips for those just starting out.
Update your resume.
Attend a Resume Writing Workshop, which the Career Services Office offers throughout the year. Volunteer, childcare and camp experiences are all appropriate to put on your resume. Read Career Services’ tips on updating cover letters and resumes.
Focus on your fieldwork.
Your supervised fieldwork/advisement component is an essential part of your Bank Street experience; it will also be an important part of your resume and your job search. It is useful to keep a record of your fieldwork experiences. A portfolio, which can include curriculum you helped to develop, photographs, and samples of children’s work, can be updated throughout your career, and is a wonderful tool to use during a job interview.
Talk to people.
Get to know directors and principals of the schools you are working in. Invite them to visit your classroom. These people are potential employers and also can serve as references for you.
Use professional days wisely.
Visit schools you have an interest in learning more

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