Kids with Behavioral Challenges: Holistic Approaches

Ms. Hala Khouri, MA, and Dr. Stuart Ablon, PhD

In collaboration with Continuing Professional Studies, the Flawless Foundation is sponsoring a training on March 8-9 to help parents, educators, and yoga service professionals implement holistic approaches to working with children with behavioral challenges.
On March 8, Dr. J. Stuart Ablon, a psychologist at Think:Kids of Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, will lead a session on “Parenting, Teaching, and Treating Children with Behavioral Challenges.”
The second part of the training, on March 9, features Ms. Hala Khouri, M.A., of Off the Mat and Into the World. Khouri is a yoga and mindfulness expert “who has dedicated her life to learning about the deep connection between the mind and the body.” 
Says Ablon,

“I am especially excited to be integrating Collaborative Problem Solving, or CPS, with Hala Khouri’s expertise in trauma and mindfulness techniques. CPS requires a shift in mindset on the part of the adult which can be especially hard to maintain in the midst of frustration ourselves. Ms. Khouri’s practice and training cultivates self-regulation so the adult can best implement CPS. Thanks to support from the Flawless Foundation, we have brought this work to over 1000 parents, educators and mental health professionals in New York City. With this partnership, we look to deepen participants’ effectiveness in implementation of CPS.”

Educators, yoga professionals, social workers, mental health professionals, physical education instructors, and others will find benefits from this event in their practices.
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An Ongoing Partnership
This is Dr. Ablon’s second recent event in collaboration with the Flawless Foundation at

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