Letter from Alumni Council

Letter from the Alumni Council
By Rev. John Allen, M.Div. ’13, Alumni Council Chair
The past year has offered an unmistakable reminder that connection is essential. Those of us who lead churches have found ways to connect with congregants through livestreaming and Zoom. Teachers have learned to teach online. Chaplains have offered compassionate care through phone calls. Community organizations have found creative ways to stay connected to those they serve.
In neighborhoods, we have connected with sidewalk chalk and window signs. In families, we have connected through window panes and phone screens. In communities, we have connected our outrage to activism. And, I pray, we have each found a way to connect to whatever faith, tradition, or spiritual practice grounds us.
In their book A Simpler Way about organizations, Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers write: “To create better health in a living system, connect it to more of itself.” The Union Alumni Council exists because we