Liberty LEADS Leadership and Academic Excellence Retreat 2012-2013

Snow was on the ground, the air was cold and foggy, but an undeterred group of students walked up the icy Ninham Mountain Fire Tower in Carmel, New York, 950 feet above sea level. Visibility was at a minimum at the summit, but it wasn’t important to these intrepid students. The feat marked one of morning challenges at the Liberty LEADS Leadership and Academic Excellence Retreat 2012-2013.
The retreat was an extension of Liberty LEADS summer leadership program—Adventure in the City. Students that completed the summer program have the opportunity to participate in a year-long leadership component that includes three retreats, two of which are overnights. This year the retreats are hosted at Clearpool Education Center, Carmel, NY.
During the first two overnight retreats, students learned the basics of teamwork by working together to complete challenge activities. In one set of challenges, students participated in an array of low- and high-rope activities.
The program will culminate with a third retreat for students and their guardians. The students will lead all the activities and will be able to put into practice the leadership skills they have learned in the first two retreats.
Cold finger and frozen toes didn’t stop these wonderful students from having a great time while learning what it takes to be successful leaders. They are looking forward to putting these skills into practice at the final retreat in late April.
More photos can be found at Liberty LEADS.

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