Morningside Merchants Launch Local Business Portraits


On November 22, Morningside Merchants presented the first in a series of local business portraits to Philip Binioris of Hungarian Pastry Shop. The group portrait includes owner, managers, staff, and customers who are so well-known in the Morningside Heights community. J. Maya Luz, photographer, has expanded upon her ground-breaking Good Neighbors outdoor exhibit to specifically document our local small businesses. She says: “They are an extension of our homes, extensions of our kitchens, extensions of our pantries. The workers have become our friends, and their places are where we feel good and safe. It’s so important to document those people, especially maskless. The portraits remind us that we share in the environment and we share in each other’s lives.

Dan McSweeney, organizer of Morningside Heights Community Coalition’s (@mhccnyc) Morningside Merchants initiative, was driven by the pandemic and a sense that our locally owned small businesses help define the community. “They are purveyors not only of goods and services but of culture.”

Keep an eye on local storefronts for additional portraits of our local small business owners!

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