Naturalists Grab the Attention of National Geographic

Ordinary life at Bank Street is anything but ordinary. The “extraordinariness” (Yes, it’s a word!) of Bank Street was noted by the National Geographic Society last spring when the organization’s Vice President for Education, Daniel C. Edelson, visited and observed the 7/8s as they worked on the Hudson River project. An opportunity arose out of that visit. National Geographic asked to come back and document the Hudson River project from start to finish. We are in the middle of that observation now and the students are accustomed to having visitors from National Geographic spending time in the classroom, as well as time-lapse cameras trained on the model.
We were thrilled to be included in a recently published column by Mr. Edelson, “Connecting Schoolchildren to the Real World? That’s Extraordinary.”  While we know our school is extraordinary, I hope you will follow the link and read what Mr. Edelson has to say about us.

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