News & Notes From The Bank Street Community

From NY1 to the New York Times, Bank Streeters have been popping up all over the place. See what’s been happening in the community, including not-to-miss upcoming events and a round-up of what we’ve been reading.
In the news
Dr. PeggyMcNamara, chair of teacher education, graced the small screen in the NY1 Exclusive: QueensParentsOutragedOverDaughter’sGunSpellingAssignment [VIDEO] As reported, several Queens parents were outraged to see that their children’s phonetic homework included pictures of a gun and then a robber. Brought on as a consultant, “Dr. Peggy McNamara said it doesn’t surprise her that the sheet was used.”

She said teachers have to check the work produced by curriculum companies.  “I think the issue would be with this particular company. What are they thinking about when they put ‘gun’ and ‘rob’ on a page?” said McNamara. “Do they really think about where this goes and the sensitivities of different communities where a kid might use this?”

Faculty member BetsyGrob makes an appearance in the New York Times Letters to the Editor section, responding to an article announcing thattheachievementgapbetweenrichandpoorchildreniswidening.

Studies showing an increasing achievement gap between rich and poor students come as no surprise. As early-childhood educators who spend time in classrooms, we have been shaken by the changes of the last decade, changes that have had a particularly devastating effect on children in poor communities. 
Young children have been deprived of essential experiences — art, music, open-ended discussion, dramatic play, exploratory use of materials — that we know contribute to well-rounded development and engaged learning….  [Continue reading RichandPoor: TheEducationGap] 


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