Note from Yolanda Ferrell-Brown

Dear Members of the Bank Street Community:
I hope that the holiday season has been joyous and restorative for everyone. As promised, I am writing to provide another short update regarding the status of the Presidential Search process.
The committee is very pleased to report that the search is in terrific shape. The exceptional caliber and quality of the candidates participating in the search has been truly exciting and is a strong testament to Bank Street’s reputation and standing in the educational world. Special thanks to all who made time to participate in our listening tour and to mine their networks for recommendations. The outcome has been terrific. To date, hundreds of resumes have been reviewed, multiple interviews have been conducted, and numerous references have been checked. The committee is now in the difficult phase of refining the candidate pool even further to identify potential finalists which we anticipate completing in the January/February time frame. We continue to make steady progress, and the search process itself remains on schedule for the Committee to make its final recommendation to the board in the spring, if not earlier.
As you are aware, it has been the Search Committee’s stated hope and intention from the outset to host a college visit for finalists prior to making our recommendation to the board. However, we have also indicated from the outset, that such a visit would be entirely predicated upon each finalist’s comfort level with publicly disclosing their candidacy prior to being assured of having won the position. The reality is that in recent years, the world of academic searches has been transformed into a much more cautious, restricted one. So we must

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