Q&A with Mary Paranac, Student Associate Trustee

At its October 24th meeting, the Bank Street College Board of Trustees elected Mary Paranac as Student Associate Trustee for this academic year. Mary is working toward her Master’s degree in Leadership for Educational Change. She is in her sixth year as a New York City educator, teaching fifth grade at P.S. 086 (the Kingsbridge Heights School) in the Bronx.
Mary recently spoke with us about why she chose Bank Street, and how she might serve the College in the coming year.
You’ve been teaching in New York for some time. What has your career looked like leading up to your time at Bank Street?
Mary Paranac: I’m a New York City Teaching Fellow originally, so that’s how I entered the education world here in New York City. So I’m very dedicated to equity in inner city schools especially. I just began my sixth year teaching fifth grade general education at P.S. 086 in the Bronx. It’s a public school and a high-needs school, but a high performing school as well. And so I really enjoy my time there. And now I’m a second year student in the Graduate School in the Leadership for Educational Change Program.
How did you decide on that program?
MP: I chose that program because I wanted to learn about leadership in a cohesive manner—in a full-blown graduate program where I could really bring back an entire skill set when and if I become a school administrator. A lot of people in my world sort of piecemeal those credits together,

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