Renowned Children's Author Todd Parr Visits Bank Street School for Children

On November 14, 2012, author and illustrator Todd Parr read his new children’s book, The Thankful Book, to a group of very excited School for Children 6/7s (1st grade) students. He also read The Underwear Book (obviously a favorite of the children given their enthusiastic response) and It’s Okay to be Different.
During his presentation, Mr. Parr drew a picture of a princess, with the students giving input on her physical characteristics: “Can a princess wear glasses?” “Yes!” Can a princess have large ears?” “Yes!”
Mr. Parr then fielded questions from his audience: “What is your favorite color?” “Blue.” “Of all the books you have written, what is your favorite?” “The Underwear Book.” “Do you have a dog and a cat?” “No, I have two dogs named Pete and Tatertot.”
Lastly, Mr. Parr played a game with the students. He held up a card with an emotion word on one side and the opposite emotion on the other side and invited the students to act out each emotion.
As the students filed out of the classroom, they warmly shook Mr. Parr’s hand.

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