School for Children 7th Graders Study Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Students in the 12/13s (7th grade) are getting what for many is their first taste of Shakespeare through this fall’s study of Romeo and Juliet. Students are immersing themselves in the play through analysis of the text, weekly dramatizations of important scenes, and a study of various film adaptations. They are thinking of the importance of various roles in the play through their individual blogs, which describe the events in Verona through the eyes of major and minor characters. Students even had the opportunity to learn a traditional Elizabethan dance, similar to what their characters might have seen at the Capulets’ feast, from the School for Children’s resident folk dance expert, Michael Ginsburg (Upper School Physical Education Teacher).
Submitted by Nayantara Mhatre and Margaret Silver, 12/13s Humanities Teachers.

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