School for Children Alum Speaks to Upper School Students

On January 31, 2012, Erica Moszkowski (SFC ’07), the oldest daughter of Bank Street parent and Board of Trustees member Sandra Pinnavaia, returned to the School for Children to speak to Upper School students at their weekly Morning Meeting. She was the first presenter in what will hopefully become an Upper School tradition called “Possibilities,” in which SFC graduates who are out in the larger world are invited to talk about how their lives are going and what they are doing. Erica, who is a freshman at Williams College, related a story about a racial hate crime that occurred on the Williams campus this past fall. She told our Upper School students that her School for Children education from the 3s through the 13/14s, and in particular, the Kids of Color and Advocacy curriculum, gave her the tools she needed to participate actively in such a critical situation. She said, “The School for Children is a special place where you are encouraged to state your opinion and discuss how you feel.” She also told the students that after they graduate from the SFC, they will be “good to go” – prepared to tackle whatever situation may present itself.

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