School for Children Students Help Launch Google Science Fair

Bank Street School for Children 13/14s participate in a Hangout celebrating the Google Science Fair.Watch the Hangout on YouTube. 

At the launch of the 2013 Google Science Fair, Google announced, “We’re looking for ideas that will change the world.” And they had to look no further than Bank Street to find them. 
The Google Science Fair is an international, online science competition open to students age 13-18. When they wanted inquisitive young scientists to participate, they reached out to Jenny Ingber, Director of Science Programs in the Graduate School, and invited Bank Street students to join in a Google Hangout to celebrate the Science Fair’s launch. 
Essy Levy’s class of School for Children 13/14s leapt at the opportunity to participate, and with help from Jeannie Crowley, Bank Street’s Director of Digital Media and Learning, they did a test run with a webcam before joining in the live broadcast along with Google staff and previous Science Fair winners.  Bank Street students were the only group of students on-air, and a few asked questions during the launch. 
The spirit of scientific inquiry will continue over the coming weeks throughout the School for Children’s Science Expo, where 5th through 8th grade classes will celebrate original thinking, inquiry, and scientific investigation.

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