Summer Camp Presents KiDS College Spring Camp

This Spring, the Bank Street Summer Camp presents KiDS College Spring Camp, two week long camp sessions with the Bank Street Summer Camp counselors kids know and love. These programs are unlike anything else offered in New York, as they combine the pedagogy of the Bank Street School with the emotional, intellectual and social engagement of Summer Camp making an engaging college of classes just for kids.
KiDS College Spring Camp runs for two weeks between March 17th and March 28th. Campers can sign up for one or both weeks. Registration has already begun.
PreK-1st Grade
Campers between PreK and first grade have the option of doing Fun Activities with Evi Rivera-Williams, a 6/7’s teacher at the School for Children. This program is a sampling of various educational activities all taught in the Bank Street tradition, focusing on personal growth, including crafts, cooking and games.
Campers can also choose to engage with Shuber Naranjo in week one and Dario Pilamala for week two in our Spanish Immersion program. Just like in camp, the Spanish Immersion group provides the students with the opportunity to learn, practice and reinforce the Spanish language through a variety of engaging and interactive activities. The focus is on the development of the students’ receptive and expressive language while creating a positive educational experience. By practicing the language both in and out of the classroom, teachers are able to make the kids feel comfortable while also helping them develop an appreciation and love for the Spanish language.
Upper KiDS College
For campers going into first grade to eight grade, KiDS College offers Bank Street on Broadway, with Meredith Smart and

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