Teaching and Learning: Research from Matthew G. Mandelbaum

When looking to break new ground on the understanding of how teachers think and act, advanced Fordham University Educational Psychology doctoral candidate Matthew G. Mandelbaum, BSC Childhood General and Special Ed ’07, launched a study to see the effects of teacher training on being an adventurous or structured curriculum designer, being interested in developing relationships with students, and seeking to grow teacher knowledge as teachers. It was found that those who were most adventurous were most relational. For those with early childhood training, those who were most adventurous were more relational and also more interested in growing their competencies. These findings are important for teacher training, as being adventurous, relational, and a lover of learning could yield better effects for student achievement.  The research was presented at the Association for Psychological Science 2012 Annual Convention. Mandelbaum’s work Jumping Joey’s NumberLine is on display at Bank Street College through August 31, 2012 and is now on sale at Bank Street Bookstore.

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