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David Carr is a Professor of Hebrew Bible at Union Theological Seminary and his new podcast, The Bible, Let’s Read it Differently, features interviews with leading scholars advancing new methods for engaging the Bible academically.
This podcast originated as interviews to accompany an Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Union Theological Seminary (using D.Carr, The Hebrew Bible: A Contemporary Introduction to the Christian Old Testament and Jewish Tanakh ).

The interviews offer background and build on articles that illustrate diverse new ways to read and interpret the Hebrew Bible. Background music was performed by David Carr, Robin Smith, and Peter Ronick, including “JB Shuffle” (Jeremy Baum), “Cissy Strut” (The Meters).
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Episode 1: Carol Newsom on the Bible and Dialogic Truth
In this episode, Carol Newsom, Professor of Old Testament at Emory University and former President of the Society of

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