The Prom at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

Patient Zuwena McCurdy is all smiles with Melanie Eisenhower, Bank Street Graduate ’08.
Approximately 50 adolescents at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore dressed up on Saturday, May 5, 2012 to attend the 3rd Annual Pediatric Prom. Organized by Certified Child Life Specialist, Lindsay Davis, a Bank Street graduate, the event provided chronically ill patients, ages 12 and up, a chance to forget about their hospital experiences for an evening. These teenagers are constantly in and out of the hospital due to their illnesses and treatments and therefore miss out on the chance to engage in typical socialization with their peers. The prom gave these teenagers an opportunity to feel comforted knowing that others in the room understood and felt the same way as they do. The Beach Paradise themed prom was held in the hospital so that all admitted teenagers could attend. Decorations, food, dresses and tuxedos were all donated for the evening or purchased through donations. Patients had been looking forward to the event for weeks and expressed the following sentiments about the prom: “Even though we’re sick, we can do the same things that other kids can do”…“I’m excited to meet other people who have been in the hospital”…“Every time I have been invited to a prom in the past I have been sick or in the hospital so it’s good to have this prom here.” The event was a great success! In addition to serving as a therapeutic night for the patients, it was a heartwarming experience for

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