The School for Children Is Reducing Its Ecological Footprint with a Composting Initiative

On Monday, April 15, the School for Children (SFC) launched a composting initiative in the cafeteria and kitchen, due in large part to the focused efforts of the Parents Association’s Green Action Committee.
Green Action Committee member and first-year parent Laura Sametz spearheaded this initiative after helping to implement a similar program in her child’s public school last year. As Laura was already familiar with the necessary steps required for a successful composting rollout, she and her fellow committee members, Mary Pat Draddy and Alysia Reiner, were able to efficiently communicate with school administration, meet with the facilities and kitchen staff to garner their support and assistance, schedule daily waste pickup with the NYC Department of Sanitation, create clear signage, and organize parent volunteers to help students and staff learn the new routines associated with composting.
To celebrate Earth Day, and to help educate parents and students, a small group of 9/10s (4th grade) students performed an instructional skit about composting at the weekly Middle School Assembly. They reminded all in attendance to Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.
The preliminary data collected shows that by source separating waste, the School is reducing its landfill garbage by more than 50%. In the fall, with an expanded rollout of this program to the rest of the building, the School is confident that the number will reach 75%. The SFC will certainly be shrinking its ecological footprint, an accomplishment of which the entire community can be proud.

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