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“We are all wounded by this history,” says TC alumnus Maka Black Elk (M.A. ’13), who, as the Executive Director for Truth and Healing at Red Cloud Indian School, is leading a community-wide effort to confront the school’s painful past. Red Cloud – originally named the Holy Rosary Mission – was one of more than 300 government-funded boarding schools that “systematically broke apart Native families” by enrolling Indigenous students and forbidding Indigenous customs, including names and traditional dress. Among the numerous injustices against Indigenous people, these boarding school practices resulted in immeasurable impact and loss for generations of Indigenous people. Now, through his work at Red Cloud, Black Elk is working with his community to help facilitate conversations to address the intergenerational trauma. 👉 Read Black Elk’s recent reflection on his work from America Magazine – The Jesuit Review: https://bit.ly/30gvCdZ