Tiorati Environmental Workshop Thanks Con Ed!

Bank Street’s Tiorati Environmental Workshop would like to thank Consolidated Edison for their generous funding. This past spring, Bank Street staff worked alongside three New York City Public School teachers and their students. Teachers and students from AmPark Neighborhood School in the Bronx, and PS 110 and the Neighborhood School, both on the Lower East Side, explored nature both in their local communities and up at the Tiorati Workshop in Harriman State Park.
A 2nd grade class from AmPark Neighborhood School engaged in a study of birds and bird habitats in the forest of Harriman State and in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, NY. Students gained an understanding of bird traits and characteristics relating to habitat in urban and rural environments.
A 4th grade class from PS 110 investigated species and their habitats, looking at abiotic and biotic factors, in an urban park as well as in both lake/pond and stream environments in Harriman State Park. Students engaged in a comparison of “natural” versus “human-made” habitats and their effects on species.
A combined 1st/2nd grade class from the Neighborhood School studied the water cycle and water collection and use in rural and urban environments in the forest of Harriman State Park surrounding the Tiorati Workshop and in an urban garden in New York City. Students gained an understanding of water relating to habitat and habitat use in urban and rural environments.

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