Using Model Drawing as Featured in Singapore Math

Each year the Leadership in Mathematics program sponsors the Saturday Math workshop series over the course of four sessions.
Teachers and administrators from the tri-state area and beyond meet at Bank Street for coffee, bagels and a facilitated session on a selected topic in the teaching of mathematics. The sessions usually consist of activities, discussion and often provide resource materials. There is ample opportunity to share ideas and concerns with other professionals. Topics may be curriculum specific (Making the Fraction, Decimal & Percent Connection) or instruction specific (Teaching Mathematics in the Inclusion Classroon).
The March 1st session was a big success among participants. The session was led by Haydee VonSternberg who, for more than 40 years, has taught math to children in grades K-12 and presented workshops for teachers at independent, parochial and charter schools in New York City. Haydee is currently the Math Learning Specialist at Poly Prep Lower School, Brooklyn. The focus of her talk was using model drawing as featured in Singapore math to understand, represent and solve problems.Haydee highlighted the success of the Singapore model as a highly ranked, internationally recognized program. Perhaps equally important, the Singapore model promotes an interactive approach. During the workshop participants used manipulatives and took part in “hands-on” activities to understand how the Singapore math model promotes a deeper understanding of numbers and math concepts.
For information on upcoming Saturday Workshops, check the Bank Street College events calendar.

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