Walking through the light is a representation of life. We have been in the past …

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Walking through the light is a representation of life. We have been in the past and will continue in the future; but, we only see and remember the section under the sunlight on the planet earth. Each of these passengers has their own stories; I don’t really know about them; I just write my imagination as exposed in my captures. 
This is my 3rd post from this series; the story of life, the window of opportunity. This time in black and white! Swipe through the images and read the caption or come up with your own. Don’t forget these are just candid moments of people who happened to walk or run through the spotlight.
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1: this is the cover image for this post. She is dressed in black and carrying a white bag into a black and white exposure.

2: We path and what is remembered is our footprints. Future is our reflection; that’s why the shadow looks like our children from next generation.
3: Some would to go through faster. They’ll be younger tomorrow; it’s the same distance but less time in here.
4: Some go through slower and even harder. Perhaps they want to explore more or have to carry a heavier load. Like the knowledge his carrying in his book.
5: You don’t see him; only his hand, fingertips, and his phone! He is an alias who is dissolved in social media. He might even travel in reverse; rules are different in the clouds!

6: Tired faces under glowing apparel.
7: Indeed the more we dress up; it’s harder to see our faces. Is fashion an expression or a hideout? I guess it depends on who is walking.
by 1mimoln