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Mentor Pilot Program

Jacque Penick of Mountain Area Child and Family Center (left) and Gabriel Guyton.

Bank Street is participating in a new, inter-center mentoring program with Mountain Area Child and Family Center, an early learning program, serving children birth-five in Asheville, North Carolina.
The Bank Street Family Center is providing a group of North Carolina teachers an opportunity to develop skills through observation, immersion, and training in the Bank Street approach and philosophy.
The mentoring program is led by executive director Jacque Penick of Mountain Area Child and Family Center. Her vision, enthusiasm, and tireless hard work provided this unique opportunity for partnership between Bank Street and Mountain Area.
Participants from the Bank Street Family Center include dedicated teachers and staff with strong backgrounds in supervising and supporting developing teachers.

Mary Ellen Markman, director of the Bank Street Family Center.
Gabriel Guyton, lead teacher in an infant-toddler classroom.
Sarah Willis, lead teacher in a pre-school classroom.
Marjorie Brickley, Instructor and Advisor in the Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention Program at Bank Street College.

The Project
During this program, teachers from the Mountain Area Child and Family Center will be mentored by Bank Street teachers. Mentorship will include on-site visits at both North Carolina and New York centers, where mentees have the opportunity to observe and be observed by Bank Street mentors. Participants take part in reflective supervision, as well as graduate level seminars. In addition to on-site work, mentors offer a continued exchange of ideas and supervision, including remote seminars and assessment of classroom videos and

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