Acclaimed Author And Scholar Robert Wright Coming To Union Theological Seminary For 18-Month Templeton Grant

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Grant covers teaching and cultivating ideas about the relationship between science and spirituality.
Contact: Joey Longley, 419-953-5495,
NEW YORK, NY — Robert Wright, scholar, journalist, and award-winning author of several bestsellers on religion and science, will join Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York for an 18-month grant funded by the John Templeton Foundation beginning this summer.
“It’s great to be at a seminary that’s so open to new ideas and with an activist air about it,” said Wright. “One of my goalsat Union is to delve deeper into the question of how we develop a worldview that is spiritual, but totally compatible with and informed by science.”
Over the next 18 months, Wright will utilize the resources available to him at Union toteach, write, speak, and host forums. His first seminar in the fall will be called, “Elements of Spirituality.”
“I am thrilled to have a scholar with Wright’s deep intellect and abiding curiosity coming to Union,” said Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary. “This is a unique opportunity to expand our common understanding of the way spirituality can transcend any man-made dividing lines between religions. It also presents a rare opportunity to bring together the insights of theologians and scientists to create a more whole and compelling vision for our moral lives together.”
At Union Wright will explore the prospects for developing a worldviewthat qualifies for the term “spiritual,” yet is compatible with and informed by modem science. He believes that ideally such a worldview would have elements

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